Sunday, December 21

5 Natural Deodorants to Try

So everyone who's even a little concerned about the ingredients in antiperspirant is always on the lookout for a good deodorant, am I right? Well I've tried a bunch and I've decided to grade a few based on my experience. I'll try not to be overly subjective, but it's deodorant, so it's a pretty subjective subject.

I thought it would be nice to have a little guide to help you navigate the failure-wrought waters of natural deodorant trial and error.

To keep things simple, ratings are 1-10 (10 is best).

Natural Deodorant

1. Tom's of Maine, Lavender

Feel: --3-- Super sticky, stays sticky.
Scent: --5-- Mild, not over-powering, but definitely there
Effectiveness: --6-- worked ok for me, but I couldn't get over the sticky feel
Price: $9.99 on Amazon

​2. Herban Cowboy, Forest

Feel: --7-- Slightly sticky. Not as sticky as Tom's.
Scent: --9-- strong, unisex, definitely good for men; I want to try their superstar scent for women
Effectiveness: --7--
Price: $5.99 on on Amazon, awesome value

3. Crystal Rock (name?)

Feel: --5-- Not sticky. Can pull the skin a little if it's not wet enough. Not ideal for sensitive skin, in my opinion.
Scent: ---10-- unscented, I personally love this, but fragrance might be your thing
Effectiveness: --7-- It works, but feels like it needs to be reapplied more often than others.
Price: $6.31 on Amazon

4. Lavanila Laboratories, Coconut

Feel: --10-- Not sticky, not chalky. Perfect. Best feel.
Scent: --10--
Effectiveness: --9--
Price: $14 at Sephora. The coconut scent does not seem to be available anymore. I'd go with vanilla grapefruit.

5. Celadon Road, Coconut

Feel: --5-- Too chalky. Difficult to get it warm enough to apply. Possibly might be better in the summer or warmer climates
Scent: --10--
Effectiveness:-- 9-- when I can actually get it on!
Price: $18

Some things to keep in mind:
-All natural deodorant options need to be re-applied during the day. One application just isn't going to cut it with any product.
-It's always changing. Just because one deodorant works for me, doesn't mean it will work for you. You might find that a certain brand works for a few months, and then one day that's no longer the case. That's why I have 5 on hand! Moral of the story--mix it up. 


MiMi said...

Besides the herbal cowboy, what other deodorant can work for a male? I am looking for a natural deodorant for my honey.


Stephanie LeVasseur said...

I've all except the cowboy. I agree the lavanilla was the best. I also have to switch things up. I think one is great then I guess my body gets immune to it,) the cheap ol arm & hammer naturals works pretty good too.

Courtney M. Tapia said...

Yogurt helps increase healthy bacteria for the body ALONG WITH can assistance needless to say fight your current occurrence connected with body odor-causing bacteria. Deodorants via natural skincare goods lines tend to be ideal pertaining to fighting these kinds of unwanted occurrences.

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