Thursday, March 5

Carter, New Dress, Red Lipstick

So Carter is still at it with his difficult questions. New today was "why do we have bones in our hands?" For that question I was able to whip up an answer, but for some questions he throws out--totally unprepared. 

He's also throwing me off with new words he's using. This stage of 3, almost 4 is so crazy. He's changing right before my very eyes and I don't even know what to do about it. It's like he's 3 going on 30.

The other day we were playing a Paw Patrol board game. You have to have a little cardboard cutout of each of six different pup packs to win. You get the packs by landing on them with the spinner. So my sister spins and gets the same pup pack twice. 

Carter: "It's okay, Auntie. Sometimes you get a duplicate." Duplicate?! What? 
Me: "Carter, that was a really good word to use." 
Carter: "How do I know these things?"

This dress was sent to me from eShakti. I chose it because I LOVE the top! I also thought it was fun that it was short sleeved. And yes, I'm standing outside with short sleeves and snow on the ground. I've had a hard time taking photos of this dress because even though we're inching toward spring, there are still limited hours of good daylight! So anyway, bare arms in about 20 degrees happened. And it wasn't that fun.

P.S. The belt is separate and I borrowed it from my sister. That's what sisters are for, aren't they?

If you're in need of anything from a sun dress to a bridesmaid dress, grab 10% off  with code NTYRVERGEB. Code is good until 4/3/15.

Since I had to get all dressed up today, I thought a good makeup sesh was in order. It's always fun to take the time to put more than a little bronzer and mascara on (my daily routine). 

In case you're interested:

Brows: Anastasia dip brow in blonde
Lashes are Ardell Demi 120
Lips: Combo of MAC Cherry Red lip pencil and Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in 69

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Steph @ Three Loud Kids! said...

Love your outfit! I wish I could pull off bright red lipstick like you do.

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