Monday, March 30

Sick + Lazy + Throwback Netflix

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Yesterday was one of those days where Carter was great all day and then suddenly at around 2 he just hit a wall and could no longer function. Tired, moody, telling me his stomach hurt. He just crashed. Then he started with the fever. I was so thrown off because these things always happen in the middle of the night, don't they?!

He actually fell asleep in the car yesterday, and I can't remember the last time that happened so I knew he definitely wasn't himself.

We put him to bed early last night and this morning I had one of those glorious, slow mornings with him. You know where you don't go anywhere or accomplish anything right away? I lounged with him in the recliner so he could get a little more rest (he always wakes up early when Tom goes to work, sick or not). We did absolutely nothing until 11am and it was so good for him (and me too!)

Now Tom and I are feeling this little bug too (the first sign I know I'm not feeling well is when I have to force myself to drink one cup of coffee rather than savoring cup after cup.)

So anyway, we've been sick of all our usual movies (no pun intended) so we searched through Netflix and happened upon The Emperor's New Groove. I remember seeing that in the theatre years ago. We also watched The Brave Little Toaster, which brought me back to my play room circa 1992.

Another throwback show on Netflix that we are just starting to get into (but it's not really a throwback since it's a new series) is Inspector Gadget. I LIVED for this show as a kid. The theme song is in my head right now
Go, Gadget, Go!
Inspector Gadget...

I also frequently ask Tom to use his "go-go gadget arms" to reach me anything in the back seat when we're in the car. His arms go for days and he can reach anything, anywhere in the entire car and it's hilarious. Sometimes I ask for things just to see if he can reach it because it's so amusing.

Anyway, around 11, Carter got a burst of energy and for the first time ever asked me to do his hair. I have begged him in the past only to get shot down over and over. Today he wanted it "Like Hobby Pig from Hobby Kids" and then he pulled up the YouTube video and showed me exactly what he meant. Oh those YouTube channels. They're a double edged sword, I tell you.

So I gave him a little swoop and had a silly photo shoot. It was a good day.

 also there was some cute cow lick action happening in the back today

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Jessica said...

Holy cow, he's gotten so big! And that hairstyle is so cute. :)

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