Monday, November 16

10 Non-Toy Gift Ideas for Kids

I am SO SICK of gift guides. To counteract all the holiday gift guides I'm already seeing (even pre-Thanksgiving) here's a list of non-toy/pointless material object gift ideas for kids. I'm not saying all toys are bad--we have  fun with so many of them and we have a playroom-ful, so no judgment here. But I want to make an effort to be less concerned with the material things and more focused on enjoying each other's company this holiday season. Maybe I'm hopping on the REI bandwagon, but that's fine by me.

A few notes on my ideas (these aren't sponsored):
-One monthly box subscription that I think would be great for kids is We Cook, but there is also Citrus Lane, Kiwi Crate, etc.
-Carter's taking a theater class, which is different, and he loves it! So there's an idea.
-Kid salons are so fun. I take Carter to one and every time he gets his hair cut, they spike the front with gel and make it green. So this works for boys too! The one near us also does manis/pedis in big pink chairs. So cute. 
-Shows are the greatest. Disney on Ice is awesome. There's also The Wiggles, Peppa Pig has a stage show, Veggie Tales Live is fantastic; you could look into kids' concerts, etc. So many possibilities. I could throw out a cliche like "the sky is the limit," "the possibilities are endless," but you get the idea, I think. Right?

So anyway, what are YOUR non-toy ideas? What has gone over well in the past? Tweet your non-toy ideas to me @Positively_Amy with #NoMoreToys

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Penelope Sanchez said...

I don’t usually give toys as gift, and I like several of the ideas listed. One thing I would add, for older kids, would be a personalized cookbook with some of the recipes that they enjoyed growing up.

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