Thursday, May 12

You're Cleaning All Wrong (and I was, too)

So, here were my problems:

I have really sensitive skin, and every time I grabbed a Lysol wipe for a quick countertop wipe down or to clean the bathroom counters, my hands got so dry. And itchy. And they hurt. And they were dry. My skin hates chemicals. I've always been sensitive, but I like things to actually be clean, too. 

I've tried all the natural cleaners. They still irritate me. Enter no cleaners

So my friend Sarah introduced me to Norwex and these awesome microfiber cloths. You can use them with water-only for all kinds of cleaning. That top pink one - it's for windows. It works really well on Gemma's slobber all over the front windows. (She's our dog, if you were wondering). And she likes to sit at the front of our house hunting squirrels through the window. It makes my windows disgusting, and today she broke my favorite Ikea lamp when a cat crossed into our yard. Such is life with a dog. 

I use the gray cloths in the kitchen. But what really has me excited is that light green cloth that says "body" on it. I have a closeup to show you the difference between the two body cloths. The green one on the left is a make-up remover cloth and I'm completely obsessed. The other is more like a regular washcloth, except really soft.

Back to the makeup remover cloth though. All you have to do is make it damp and it wipes away every trace of makeup. No buying tons of makeup removing wipes, no chemical removers (that wreak havoc on my skin like everything else). Also, it's super easy to travel with. I threw it in my cosmetic bag for our Disney trip and it saved me from having to pack liquid makeup remover and cotton balls. I love simplifying.

It works really, really well. I use it to remove waterproof eyeliner every day and it comes off really easily. I use the Urban Decay Ink for Eyes waterproof eyeliner, and if you've ever tried it, you know that stuff does. not. budge.

If you're not into using harsh chemicals, and if you happen to have sensitive skin like me, Norwex is definitely worth trying. Two birds, one stone, if we want to get cliche about it. If you're interested, head to my friend Sarah's website or visit her Facebook page and ask for help. She knows cleaning and she knows natural living, too, which makes me wish I could put all the heart emojis right here. (use your imagination)

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