Monday, November 7


Our Halloween got rescheduled to last night because of power outages last week (we lost it at our house for about 4 days and had to go stay with my parents because we didn't have heat). Before Halloween we were planning on C being the E*Trade baby--hilarious? Yes.

Well three days ago I  was at Old Navy scouring the clearance racks when I happened upon an awesome baby costume for $4.79 (the beauty of a rescheduled Halloween). We already had a costume for C, but I couldn't pass up the good deal. At first we weren't sure if we would use it, but yesterday we started chatting in the car while out doing errands and we decided we wanted to join in on the dress up fun. So instead of C being the E*Trade baby (what would we have gone as? A mug and a Blackberry?) he was the $4.79 costume from Old Navy. We had tons of fun!

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