Sunday, November 20

Two Random Things

1. C belly laughed today when I was trying to squeeze honey out of the little plastic bear container and it made funny noises because it was almost empty. Every time I squeezed it he laughed for another 10 seconds. It was hilarious. I LOVE it when the most random things get him going.

2. It's funny when people ask me, "Are you still using cloth diapers?" as if one day I woke up and was like "Oh eM Gee, I'm such a dumby for using cloth. Eww, cloth diapers are so gross, why would I ever think to do that?"

But in all seriousness, why in the world would I stop using soft, cushy, cute-print fluffiness, and decide to switch to the boring, white, crinkley-ass ones?" ha. pun intended.
image from
d'lish softness.

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