Tuesday, April 24

Confessions of a Lazy, Busy Mom

So I've been reading tons of blog posts lately about moms who don't feel like they're good enough because they spend so much time on Facebook, Pinterest, etc and think everyone else has their shist together and is the Prefect Mom. Well, here's a chance for you to feel good about yourself. Ready, go!

Confession #1: Sometimes I'm L-A-Z-Y. Like, right now, I could be doing work and being productive because Carter is napping (wooo!) But no, I watched E News and now I'm writing a blog post about how I'm doing nothing. Productive? Sure.

2. I watch E News way more than I should.

3. I hate to cook. I don't think this is so much of a confession though because I may have mentioned this 1 or 20 times on here.

4. Yesterday I went to this awesome thrift store near-ish to me where they only sell designer brands, which was pretty cool (and stuff was still cheap! woo!) Anyway, I felt SO out of place.

Even though this was a consignment store the moms in this place were all Wisteria Lane-y. There were three of them, all in their mid/late 40s, they all knew each other and all had their 8-year-old daughters with them who apparently went to school together.

Mom #1 was all (oh my little Janey donated this dress, and this one over here, oh and this LILY PULITZER one over here, and....) Hooray Mom #1, good for you Mrs. Do-Gooder!

Mom #2, We'll call her Working Mom, was going on and on about a conference call she had in 30 minutes, and basically how important she was at work.

Mom #3 AKA Chauffeur, was listing all the places she was taking her platoon that evening (dance class, karate, violin lessons...she pretty much only left out space camp)

It was a bit much, but entertaining to say the least. It was like I was in the background of a Real Housewives of Town in Suburban Massachusetts show. So the confession part is that apparently I'm kind of judgy because I don't want to live in a picture-perfect suburban town because the moms there seem kind of annoying. Obviously, this is a huge, sweeping generalization and I'm sure there are plenty of nice women that reside there, but when I have to interact with Carter's friends' moms in the future, I really don't want to deal with high-school-like cliques. Maybe it's inevitable, but I'd like to avoid it if I can!

And just in case you still aren't feeling up to par, here's a bit more to lift your spirits: I haven't swept/vacuumed my stairs in almost 2 weeks (gasp), my car is a disaster (empty water bottles and Dunkin Donuts cups are running a muck in there), there are 6 dirty dishes on my counter right now (only 2 of us use real plates), and yesterday I threw Carter's clean clothes in a pile instead of folding them.

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Anonymous said...

This is awesome! I love your brutal honesty. Guess what? My house and car look exactly the same and the laundry is piled up as tall as me waiting to be done. Lol!

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