Tuesday, June 12

DIY: How To Fix a Cracked Mirror

Forget the bad luck associated with broken mirrors. It may just be the best thing that ever happened to you. The other day, I was walking around TJMaxx when I spotted a large mirror that would work perfectly in our living room. Then I saw the huge crack. At first I was disappointed and then I decided to check the price...$3.50!! For a $60 mirror! This was a sign. Without any idea what I would do with it, I lugged the mirror to the checkout and brought it home (Tom was with me, I don't think I could have handled the huge mirror, Carter in his stroller and my other purchases all at once--and there are always other purchases at TJMaxx).

This is the mirror in its cracked state:

how to cover a crack in mirror

how to fix a crack in a mirror

I got home, brainstormed a bit, and decided to cover the crack with kitchen backsplash tiles. Genius! I drove to Home Depot with my sister and her roommate (Home Depot is more fun with friends). Let me just take a second right here to tell you that I LOVE the smell of Home Depot. I always have. For years and years I've been saying Yankee Candle should come out with a Home Depot scent. Well, my prayers have been answered because they just came out with a saw dust/wood scented called 2x4! Finally!! (P.S. that idea was all me).

So we're in Home Depot in the backsplash tile aisle (rhyme, score) and I found the most perfect tiles ever.

how to cover crack in a mirror

I also picked up some clear silicone to adhere them to the mirror (had to ask my mom what would work best, this is what she suggested. She made her own kitchen backsplash. Maybe I'll do a post about that in the future--it's awesome).

Got home, glued and glued, and came up with this:

how to fix a cracked mirror
This picture is the best I could do with my lacking photography skills. It's placed in a weird spot behind the front door, which doesn't get any light when the door is closed! (and if the door is open, I can't take a picture of it! haha)

how to fix a cracked mirror

These tiles can be put around any mirror border. I chose to only put them on the bottom of the mirror, but you could definitely go the whole way around too. You can obviously add this to a perfectly in tact mirror as well : ) And if your mirror happens to completely shatter, just cover the whole darn thing in beautiful tiles and hang it on your wall! It will look amahzing.

P.S. You want to wait a few hours after gluing the tiles to hang the mirror on the wall to make sure the silicone has time to dry. Also, if your tiles don't fit perfectly (like mine randomly, amazingly did) you'll need a little cutting tool like this one.

This entire project cost just under $13 for the mirror, the tiles and the silicone! Now that's a thrifty DIY if I've ever seen one.

P.S. You can also find this DIY at Coastal Charm's Nifty Thrifty Tuesday Link Party.


Joanne said...

Fun and amazing, love it and love you!

Sara said...

This is such a good idea! You're so creative!

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT!! That is so smart! Now I will never looked at a discounted cracked mirror the same again!

Rachel said...

Great job! That looks so cool and it was an amazing deal too!

Anonymous said...

i am literally peeing my pants right now! ok, not literally but OMG @ 2 things:
1. i LOOOOOVE the home depot smell. i walk around that joint inhaling the biggest breaths of my life. i need that candle.
2. the mirror is freakin amazin. you are amazing!

Jessica Rabitto / chaya bunny said...

That's a pretty good idea. I think another cool thing to do would be even creating a design with colored glass if you didn't want to put patterned tiles on there. ^^

Shelley said...

What a great project. I love doing trash to treasure projects too.

Unknown said...

Love it! It's perfect!

Unknown said...

Love it! It's perfect!

Penelope Sanchez said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Penelope Sanchez said...

Wow! I don’t know if I’d be able to do that myself! You rock! :)

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