Tuesday, July 10

he took it like a champ + randoms

Carter got blood drawn yesterday and he was all sorts of awesome. Cried for maybe 2 seconds and then just stared into the eyes of the blood drawer like "yo, vampire, whatchu tryin' a do to me?" Yeah, Carter talks like that.

So I started that Body by Vi 90 day challenge last Thursday. It's just as amazing as everyone says it is. I have this girl to thank. If you want to be awesome and do the challenge too shoot me an email. I get my next month free if 3 people sign up with me. You care about that, right? That I get my shakes free? Because I'm serious right now.

How do we all feel about Kourtney + Scott's new baby's name? Penelope Scotland. Let me say that I'm in love with Scotland as a middle name. Uber cute. I don't say uber, but I totes just did. Penelope isn't my top choice, but whatevs. If Carter was a girl I don't think he would have a name yet. Picking out girls' names is like watching New Girl without laughing. It can't be done. Zooey Deschanel is my celeb crush.

Hello, best friend (sorry, Kels)           Source

I started reading Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series. I'm only on the first book (haven't seen the movie and I want to, so had to read the book first!) It's some good stuff. Love funny books.

I'm going to a bachelorette party this weekend for one of my besties. Stoked about it. I'm sure there will be plenty of pictures for your viewing pleasure. This is wedding #4 of 8 this summer. Cra-hiz-nuts, right?

OK, I think that's plenty of randomness for now. More organized posts to follow.

Peace out cub scout.


My Life as Whitney said...

Um you are hilarious and I love you already! Zooey Deschanel is totes (ha!) my celeb crush too.... and New girl is my favorite.

Anonymous said...

you are too funny! love love Zooey.... (and yes that was 2 "love's" on purpose) :)

Anonymous said...

yayy carter! so happy to hear this! suck it blood drawer! whoa, that was a really, really, really good pun that was so not intended.

have fun at the bach party this weekend! oh how i love a good penis straw and feather boa.

Hannah said...

The Stephanie Plum Series so seriously funny! I'm up to about 12 I think and thank goodness book depository has them cheap!

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