Tuesday, July 24

on being a bridesmaid + dream job

the wedding was amazing. don't believe me? proof:

how amazing is that picture? that barn is just the greatest. the wonderful bride asked me to do her makeup. you have no idea how happy that made me. like i could pee, happy. here is a photo of us getting her all beautified:

doing makeup for a bride and bridesmaids is no joke. it was pretty intense, but i think it couldn't have turned out better. luckily kels had my back (she always does) and helped me finish up. so me and kels kind of have this dream to be a makeup/hair duo for weddings. i think we would be awesome. it's a dream job for both of us. slowly, we'll get there. we have a group pinterest board here on looks that we adore.

p.s. how cool was my hair? i can say that because i'm not the one who did it. it's a rope braid and i need to learn how to accomplish it. as soon as me and kels figure it out, there will be a tutorial for all you lovely ladies.
p.p.s. if you live in new england, you should probably have kels + me come work our magic on you. we need a portfolio after all.  it's a good idea, promise.

OK, enough bugging you about our dream.

we had some fun in the limo:

reilly had extra fun:

this is how we got ready:

end result:

and guys...at the reception, i even put something up my nose (i don't like to disappoint). actually, two things: a hand and a lobster claw.

now don't you all just want to invite me to your wedding so i can do the same??

l8er, dawgs.


jess said...

aw it looks like such a great time! I love weddings so much.
Your hair is so pretty too! <3

Anonymous said...

looks AMAZING!!! and you looked gorgeous! love your hair, makeup.. ahh all of it. also, your friends look sooo fun. we all need to hangout i think! lol

Daydreaming Realist said...

Great post. Your hair is really pretty! It's so romantic and classy-cool. I want mine like that, now! :D Good luck w/your dream--chase it down and catch it :)

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Little Miss Alizzi said...

Such cute pics! I really like the pic with everyone by the barn. You look Gorgeous!

Holly said...

Beautiful photos! The red barn is amazing!

Cramer Coffee and Jesus said...

hey that is seriously a very.very. good idea! I searched and searched for someone to do my make up for my wedding (i literally wanted someone who exclusively did make up for weddings) but I couldnt find anyone so I was stuck with the locals from the mall....it turned out ok but not PERFECT. that's an awesome dream job! glad it's all taking off for ya! (in case you read this comment before the other...I came from todays post about the job being born yesterday..haha)

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