Friday, March 15

Friday's Letters: Glee, Chris Colfer, Trends

checking out drains (naturally) and running to the park

Dear Glee,
I'm going to be honest and tell you that I had no idea how awesome you were, nor did I care to find out. Well, one fateful day when I needed some background noise, I "discovered" you on Netflix. I'm obsessed. 

Dear Glee Writers,
Klaine needs to get back together! Enough of this nonsense. Readers--do you watch Glee? HOW OBSESSED are you with Kurt + Blaine???? I've also become real life obsessed with Chris Colfer now and I've been (not so subtly) hinting that I want The Land of Stories for my birthday in a few weeks! 

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P.S. Want to be besties?
Dear (almost born) Nephew,
It would be pretty great if you came on Sunday. Irish named babies born on St. Patrick's Day are pretty awesome. I'm sure your mom would be fine with it too, seeing as your due date is tomorrow. I'm really excited to hold you, so much so that "really excited" doesn't really do the feeling justice. 

Dear Clear Trend,
No. Just no. I'm feeling a little bit all right with the clear accessories (like an umbrella or a bracelet), but a clear bag? Nobody wants to see tampons all awry in a purse, sorry. Let's not get started on the shoes. AGAIN? I totally admit to wearing clear heeled (LIGHT UP) shoes in seventh grade. But it was SEVENTH GRADE (and it was horrible then). It's even more horrible now. Just say no! (although if you happen to be a fan--because let's face it, you're allowed to disagree with me), I do like the post on it at Life Unsweetened. 

And now onto a little "business"

Dear Bloggers/Shop owners,
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Dear Bloglovin,
Congrats to you. All this Google Reader nonsense has made everything all a-buzz with your name. I've always loved you, and now everyone else does too (hooray!). Follow Positively Amy on Bloglovin' if you don't already!



Whim Wham Life said...

Oh man, I haven't jumped on the Glee bandwagon yet...but it's probably only a matter of time:-) That's how most shows get me hooked. Wait a couple of seasons, and then get {obsessively} caught up in a matter of days! xoxo

Halie Renee said...

Oh girl I'm with ya on the clear trend shoes and stuff. Those just always remind me of hookers/trashy girls in movies, and no one in real life should still be wearing those...

Unknown said...

I love glee and have since day one. And I love Kurt too even though my husband despises him.

Jodi said...

I just created my blog lovin account and now I'm following you!

Breenah said...

I was in elementary school when Clueless came out and I remember a girl buying a see through plastic backpack because of that movie. I can't believe it's coming back. Tell it to go away.

Chelsea Melrose said...

I absolutely love Glee. I found it the same way...Netflix. It only took me like a week to watch the first 2 seasons!

Kelly said...

Can you believe I still have never seen Glee? Is it too late to start?

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