Tuesday, March 26


I don't really have anything to say today so I thought I'd just chat with you. How does that sound? This weekend I decided I was feeling some bright pink lipstick so, there was that:

Carter has started saying "no," which is a blast...except that he says it really cute "nuh-no" in the sweetest voice so it's hard to hate it. I actually love it.

Apparently something went down in the blogosphere recently and I missed it. Figures I'd take a couple of days to get caught up on work and generally just hang out with the C-Man when something exciting happens. Darn it all!

I'm really liking this post of me just saying "hey" without a having an actual point, it's kind of fun. And this thought brings me to something else. If you haven't noticed, I'm not extraordinarily deep with my posts. That's not because I don't have deep thoughts or care intensely about anything, it's just that I love my blog being fun and positive (pun intended). Also, I don't actually enjoy writing about serious things all that often. Sometimes I do, but mostly, it's not my thing. Being deep and heavy all the time just isn't that fun. Sometimes, maybe.

What do you think about that pink lipstick? I keep staring at it (not in a vain way, it's just bright). I think I'm a fan. I like bold.

What else can I tell you? How about some random thoughts in my head right now, sound good?

+Have you seen the marriage equality profile picture floating around Facebook? (I realize this is probably a dumb question). I changed mine. I know that changing a profile picture doesn't actually do anything, but at least it's supportive, right? Because you know all the supreme court people sat around and checked Facebook and were like Ah! Profile pictures are changing! Let's metaphorically change our profile picture too! But like I said, at least it's something.
+My birthday is coming up soon. Woo for birthdays. The big 2-5. I picked up a package in the mail yesterday and it's something Tom ordered for me, and it was REALLY hard to not look at the label. If you didn't know, patience is definitely not one of my virtues. I'm trying to work on it, but it's not easy
+I read this article today and really liked it. It also reminds me of that hilarious modern church parody YouTube video. "This is the soonng that eevverryyone knows" I'm not going to link to it because I feel like I've already done that twice before (it doesn't get old!)
+What does everyone think of PoshMark? Do you use it? Should I do it? It looks fun.
+Confession: I haven't gotten Easter presents for Carter yet and it's fast approaching. Actually, I did get him a dark chocolate bunny, but I'm only going to let him have a few bites before I confiscate it (mean mom, I know). But no, he throws up if he has too much of anything and no one can stop eating a chocolate bunny on their own once they start, am I right?

I'm afraid this has gone on too long. I'm going to continue catching up on work now. I'll be back with a somewhat less pointless post tomorrow. For sure.


Cramer Coffee and Jesus said...

loving the lipstick! I've said many of times I want to be bold in my make up but it's just yet to happen! haha. you are simply beautiful my friend! and I have to say that I disagree with all the support :/ but that's just where I stand biblically...I guess not everyone has the same views!

and I remember when my little girl started saying no - it was precious...now she knows what it means so it's only SOMETIMES cute. haha. lovely post - I enjoyed the relaxed and laid back "hi" kind of deal.

Jodi said...

I like the lipstick and your eye makeup looks amazing! I'm so sick of all the drama in the blog world. If I read one more post about it I might scream. Be glad you missed it! Lol!

Candis @Candis-Bo-Bandis said...

I liked this post! Hope you are having a great night!

Breenah said...

Love the pink lipstick! My daughter says no similarly to the maid on Family Guy which cracks me up every single time.

Lanaya | Raising Reagan said...

25?? Such a baby! And a beautiful baby at that!
Digging the pink lipstick.

And HI back :)

(¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

Mademoiselle Michael Blog said...

Love the lipstick. Bold. Luscious. Love the profile picture as well. As a Christian, it's important (for me) to stand on the side of the underdog and root for equal rights. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this! I appreciate your point of view and thanks for providing a place for discussion!

Kelly said...

I LOVE the pink lips, SO pretty!

Sparkles and Shoes

Heather @ Cookies For Breakfast said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Can you live with me and do my makeup every day please?!

And what the heck went down in blogosphere? I'm so absent that I didn't even know something happened, much less what it was!

And 25. Oh, to be 25. Le sigh. Says the old lady over here ;-)

Tawariell said...

Goodness gracious! What gorgeous eyes you have.

This is a lovely blog you have, Amy. Quite enjoyable.


Positively Amy said...

@Laurel Thank you so much for your nice comment!

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