Tuesday, April 23

She Was Bitten by the Sarcasm Bug: Amy's Pet Peeves

Just a little picture of the boy for fun.

1. Fake sleeping pictures. Ugh. There are no words. Why does anyone, anywhere, feel the need to take fake sleeping pictures of them, their significant others, and of themselves and/or their significant others with their babies? Let me tell you something, we can tell. Everyone can tell if you're fake sleeping. I can't tell you why, it's just so plainly obvious. And for some stupid reason, it gets under my skin, bad.

2. Spelling errors. Not nit-picky little somethings, but big, huge, obvious ones. It rreaalllyy irks me how Planet Fitness uses the slogan "judgement free zone" and "judgement" is spelled with an "e." Really? When did that become acceptable? And I'm also angry at spell check now because apparently, the spell-checker programmers of the world have also decided that it's totally fine to just add an "e" to JUDGMENT. Do enough people just have to spell a word wrong long enough until that misspelling becomes correct? I don't think I want to know the answer to that.

3. When people write "spelt" for spelled. No, spelt is a type of wheat, thank you very much.

4. Ranty posts like this one. But you know what? There's nothing better to say at 11:34pm (I wrote this last night!).

5. The fact that I watch the stupidest shows ever, and the fact that they Suck. Me. In. I've watched 898632 episodes of Gossip Girl today. Worst show of all time. Oh, PS. I don't actually have time on my hands to just sit around and watch TV. It's my background noise while I work. Girl needs lots of noise to be able to concentrate--weird, I know. Maybe that stems from having a toddler in the house? Who knows.

6. Ending statements with a question mark? I used to be hugely guilty of this--especially on AIM (remember AIM? Does that still exist? Do people still talk on there and I'm just sorely missing out?), until my sister pointed out how insanely annoying it is. And she's right. And now you'll start realizing it too. Watch out?

And so concludes this totally pointless rant of Amy's Pet Peeves. I thought it was more fun than an "Amy's Favorite Things" post. Seen one seen 'em all, am I right? Basically throw as much chevron, mint green, coral, chambray, and maxi everything into one smorgasbord and you've got every blogger's "favorite things." There, I just did the post for you. You're welcome.

Oh P.S. I am a fan chevron, the aforementioned colors, chambray, and maxi skirts/dresses (and studs, and wrap bracelets, and....)

*   *   *   *   *   *
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Unknown said...

Love the rant, especially the spelling and question mark? I have never really considered fake sleeping pictures before but I have a feeling now you have mentioned it it will drive me INSANE! Bee x (7 using capitals unnecessarily!)

Sarah said...

This is hysterical. I also can't stand the sleeping pictures. I think the biggest issue is.. if everyone is sleeping, who the eff is taking the picture?

Unknown said...

Haha, this was fun! My pet peeves are people who chop vegetables with a paring knife and also people who spell marshmallow like 'marshmellow'!

Lanaya | Raising Reagan said...

OMG .. I want to cry I'm laughing so hard! I LOVE your pet peeves ... mostly because they all get under my skin too!

(¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

Sarah said...

Misspelled words really bug me! I was taking a friends' side on an argument once. She's a lawyer, not like she needed it. Towards the end she said, "At least I have proper grammer." .... I stopped replying. You sunk the ship lady!!

Jessica Sliman said...

Spelling errors drive me nuts! Although now trying to write with two toddlers hanging on my legs leads to more and more typos on my part. And I hate purposefully misspelled words - like when places have a 'Z' at the end instead of an 'S.' BONKERS.

Mademoiselle Michael Blog said...

I hate mispeled werds sew mutch. Dryves mee nutz!! (Um, spellcheck did not underline several of those words.)

Gossip girl...YES. Are you at the point where you've gone from hating Chuck Bass to loving him? It will happen if you're not there yet.

Theoretically, if you had the time to fake sleep and take pictures of fake sleeping...wouldn't you just sleep instead? Seems like a poor life choice to me.

Kelly said...

Those shows suck me in too!

Sparkles and Shoes

April Grant said...

I hate the spelling errors more and more - mainly because almost every site has spell check. How can you still spell things wrong?

I have a long list of stupid shows that I watch and catch every episode.

Thank you so much for being a light in my life. I've nominated you for the Beautiful Mama award: http://www.100lbcountdown.com/blogger-award/a-beautiful-mama/

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