Wednesday, April 24

Who's Birthday Is it Anyway?

Can I just be completely honest and tell you that it's really hard to not get all Pinterest-y and to make Carter's second birthday the way that I want it?

I feel bad admitting to that, but if it were up to me the colors would be completely different and the theme wouldn't be so theme-y. But you know what? It's about Carter, not me! I think with first birthdays, us moms are allowed to make it a little bit about us. I mean, at 12 months, your child doesn't really have too many preferences regarding party decor. But 24 months? That's a different story.

Now that Carter has certain things he's obsessed with (*cough* Veggie Tales *cough*) I feel that it would be a huge injustice on my part if I simply ignored them and went with party decor that I want him to have. Since I have come to this realization, we're going with green, red and purple as the party colors (the respective colors of Larry, Bob, and Larry Boy). The excitement that these three colors bring to him is unreal. He now calls the colors by name--meaning anything red is now called Bob, anything green is called "Hine" (Larry) and anything purple is "boy" (Larry Boy). Everything from the balloons to the cupcakes are going to be somewhat Veggie Tales related.

I never thought I'd have a character themed birthday party. For some reason, they're just not my thing. But to be able to guarantee that Carter loves his party? I'd have a Dora party for goodness' sake (can't stand that girl.)

What do you do for your kids that you secretly (or not so secretly) don't like?

And let's reminisce really quick about Carter's birthday last year.


PMerr said...

A Veggie Tales party sounds like fun! Just because you have to do a theme that he'd like doesn't mean you can't get pinterest-y and fun and make it so you enjoy it too! :) I think the first birthday is one that parents can do however, since they don't really care at that age. After that, you kind of have to do what they like. That's when they start paying attention and are aware of things.

Breenah said...

I had a Bob the Tomato cake for my 10th birthday. No other Veggie Tales stuff as in this was before Pinterest, haha, but it's one of my favorite cakes and at 23 I still love Veggie Tales.

Unknown said...

I'm planning my daughter's first birthday and you're right, I'm going all out because this is the only birthday I'll have control of.

I think a Veggie Tale party could be fun!

Positively Amy said...

@Bittany B Have SO MUCH fun planning! I'm excited about the Veggie Tales party; sometimes I wish I could pick the colors (for some reason I really want to do grey and orange!), but perhaps when he's older I can convince him. hahaha ; )

Lanaya | Raising Reagan said...

You know ... for the first two years you get to get away with making it YOUR birthday party. Because the kiddos really don't care about the decorations or any of that. It's all about what WE like!
But .. this year, as Reagan turns three I know that will change because she has an opinion about everything! {Hmm...wonder where she gets that??}
So, live it up while you can mama!!

(¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

Unknown said...

I love the first birthday pictures, so cute! The cupcake cake is absolutely adorable. I'm sure you'll be able to make a compromise with veggie tales and have a few things in the mix for yourself! Have fun!

Kelly said...

Those cake pops look delicious and it looks like he had an amazing time with that cake!

Sparkles and Shoes

Positively Amy said...

@Katie Thank you! I know I'm going to have fun with it no matter what! : )

Unknown said...

MOST ADORABLE BIRTHDAY EVER! Such a crafty mama! Love your blog and I feel honored that you followed me:)!!!! REALLY MADE MY WEEK.
Much Love,
Erin Nicole

Positively Amy said...

@Erin - Thanks, Erin! You are too sweet. I loooveee your outfit posts!! xx

Unknown said...

I'm planning our son's second birthday too! I can hardly believe in a week I will have a 2 year old! It's crazy...I'm totally themeing it, but I'm really excited about it because I kind of chose it. So there's that. ;)

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