Thursday, April 25

Shop My (Shoe) Closet

I just realized that title implies that I have an entire closet dedicated to only shoes. I wish. But I do have two pair that are a little two high for me to chase Carter around in. Therefore, they must go. But they were good to me the two times I wore them! Both are about 4 inches. 

First to email me at gets them. 

Shoe Dazzle SOLD

And the second...

Still Avail:

****tomorrow there's going to be a really fun giveaway in conjunction with Daily Mom! It's going to be for one of my all time favorite products, so you're going to want to come back.

1 comment:

Jessica Sliman said...

Cute cute! I have almost the same nude colored shoes which I bought for a wedding and have only one worn since :) I'd love to buy this but this mama is totally lucky to put on cute ballet flats lately. I've been living in tennis shoes and flip flops.

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