Tuesday, May 7

Some Confessions + a Giveaway!

Sounds like a good combo, am I right? First with the confessions.

Two year molar teething is hard work--for me too. While it's understandable, Carter was a big ball of mood today. The day started out good with a visit to the cousins, but it all went downhill from there. It was basically typical toddler behavior so I won't run down the list for you, but then in culminated with a traffic-y drive home and an annoying man in a stupid white truck.

Picture this. Over-tired Carter sleeping peacefully in his car seat, suddenly wakes up when he yawns and accidentally yanks his pacifier out of his mouth. In his half asleep stupor he starts wailing like the world is ending. I don't think a distraction more dangerous than a crying baby or melting down toddler exists when it comes to driving. I was trying to balance ignoring the crying in order to concentrate with searching for a replacement pacifier. That's a tough act.

The cacophony included a coffee in the center console somehow running down the front of my shirt despite that fact that it was in the cup holder--which means it was magic coffee and it flew out the spout, through the air, and onto my shirt supernaturally. Amid the chaos, I hear a car to my left honk their horn at me. In a nano second of panic I think I am surely drifting into the other lane. I look up, only to see a mid 40s bald man waving and smirking. In that millisecond I wished that my car had the ability to sprout missile launchers, but apparently Volvo overlooked that feature. Looking back, I realize that's a bit harsh and maybe I could have compromised for a slingshot instead.

Moving on...

So the nice people at ChicNova.com allowed me to increase my wardrobe recently and they're doing the same for you. How's a $30 coupon code sound? The shirt and bag that I'm wearing cost $30 total. Na-hiz-ice (nice).

 And I thought it was only fair to show you the picture with my hair blowing in my face. Outfit post issues.

 hat: TJMaxx | shirt + bag c/o Chic Nova | pants: Kiki La 'Rue | shoes: TOMS  (desert print)


Jodi said...

Gotta love road rage and Massholes!!! Haha!

Kelly said...

I love the back of that shirt!

Sparkles and Shoes

The Grass Skirt Blog said...

My 6 month old is teething right now, and it is rough. I never considered the fact that he'd go through this as a toddler with molars!
The Grass Skirt Blog

Lanaya | Raising Reagan said...

I think every manufacturer blatantly overlooked the necessity for missile launchers in their vehicles!
Where the hell is Q from James Bond anyway to retro my car up??

(¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

Andrea Darst said...

I love the Blue Suede Leather Look Peep Toe Sandals with T-bar (just wish they were in my size!)

Heather @ Cookies For Breakfast said...

Hahaha I cannot stop laughing at the opening description! Magic coffee! Too freaking funny! And oh man, I've been there. Someone needs to invent cars that drive themselves already. I mean crap. Do you know how much easier life with a toddler would be if you could actually sit back there with them? And feed them stuff?

Your new "about me" icon is seriously gorgeous, BTW. (forgive me if it's not very new... I am a bad blog reader lately)

Unknown said...

I found this gorgeous bag: Rectangular Shoulder Bag in Color Block Design with Pin Buckle Belt

Cereal with Chopsticks said...

Cute bag!!


The Golden Girls said...

Gorgeous! That tank top is to die for! Hugs from Cali! xx The Golden Girls

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