Monday, February 24

A Weekend Outfit + Best Ice Cream Ever

What has been so nice since our move is being close to family. I was home alone Sunday afternoon and realized I needed someone to take a few photos for me. Last minute call to my mom and *poof* she was here. Aren't moms great like that? How they drop everything for you to come and help?

She's going to be my new photographer. Tom and I had a good run, but I think my mom has more patience for that kind of thing. Tom and I would step outside, he'd take 3 pictures and then Is that good? Is that all you need? NO!! Moms understand that 50 billion pictures are necessary so that you can weed through them and pick only the greatest ones (or most ridiculous, whatever). It's also nice when you have an artist for a mom who can say "no that lighting is terrible, let's have you stand over here so that shadow isn't near your feet." We had to rush in order to score ourselves adequate daylight, but we had so much fun!

This "outfit" (can I even call it that?) was all about a comfy weekend. I think that's my style. (haha) Is it OK to have a "style" that is sweatshirts and jeans? I would honestly choose that over anything. Good thing this isn't a fashion blog.

star shirt c/o Rosegal
awesome hat that I know you're jealous of (old--and it was Tom's)
large grey/gold ring c/o Le Tote
small gold rings from Urban Outfitters
wedding rings c/o Tom  *haha*
 aaannnddd, one of me

*  *  *  *  *

I first heard of making ice cream out of frozen bananas on the Forks Over Knives Presents: Engine 2 Kitchen Rescue documentary (watch it on Netflix). We're not super into cherry ice cream over here (what they made), so I decided to make up my own "recipe." Quotes because I never use actual amounts and I make it up as I go. This is what has worked best for me:

2 Servings:

-2 ice cubes
-2 frozen bananas
-1-2 T unsweetened cocoa powder (we used Ghirardelli )
-1 t vanilla extract
-stevia (to taste)
-*1/4 C -ish milk (we like Blue Diamond coconut/almond or Silk soy milk)

*If you have a VitaMix  you might not need much milk. We have a Cuisinart blender that isn't super fancy, so this is about the amount of milk we need for the ice cream to blend well. It ends up the consistency of frozen yogurt.

I've learned that if you use one banana per person that makes good serving sizes. Increase the ice cubes if you increase the number of bananas.

This is our FAVORITE. I make it a couple times a week (we are ice cream addicts) and we would all choose it over regular ice cream. No added sugar whatsoever (unless the milk is sweetened!) Isn't that so exciting? I know I'm not the only one excited by that kind of thing.


Unknown said...

oh thank you for the recipe!
trying to find some good options for my sweet tooth that won't quit.

Kelly said...

Those rings are amazing!

xx Kelly
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