Monday, February 3

The Unsoiled Variety

(Just in case you forgot what I look like). Don't mind me while I pretend I'm not freezing. And yeah, I'm aware I'm wearing a large faux fur headband. I love it. The cashiers at Marshalls like to stare at me like I'm wearing a real, live raccoon up there or something. Get with it, Marshalls employees. Don't you sell these things? Is it that weird? Do you think I stole it, is that why you gawk?
P.S. Living in the middle of nowhere will get you strange stares for wearing even the benign-est of accessories. It's amusing.
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Sometimes I lie awake at night and I think about creative writing class. I learned more life lessons in 5 creative writing classes than I did in 10 years of sports, 14 years of school, 6 years of "real life," and almost 3 years of motherhood.

Nothing compares.

You walk into class on a Wednesday evening and you have no idea if you'll leave feeling like the next Hemingway (with the whole drinking thing totes under control), or like you should launch yourself into a trash can by the quad and roll down the nearest ravine.

I've experienced both sides once or twice and I'm pretty sure they're of equal value. Both motivating in their unique, sadistic way.

I lie awake at night re-writing my favorite screenplay in my head. At this point I can remember every positive and negative...."constructive" thing ever said. There's something about screenwriting that sucks me in. To be in this other world where you don't have to write about your own life and if you choose to nobody has to know that character with the lisp and the nervous tick is actually you in sixth grade.

Nonfiction class basically consists of a professor wanting to know every last detail of the deepest, darkest secrets possessed by every member of the classroom. And they expect you to be comfortable enough to share such details on day one.

It wasn't for me. I'm not an over-sharer. I can hardly form a Facebook status without heart palpitations and a cold sweat. And yet here I am blogging...?

What I like about blogging is how there are people who care about your writing and then there are those who care about your outfits. You can totally be in both camps. In creative writing class no one cares. Most people, I think, change their clothes perhaps once per full moon. And even then it's not necessarily into something of the unsoiled variety.

Which reminds me. Outfits. I expanded my closet the past few weeks thanks to my friends over at Le Tote. They sent me a tote of things to wear and review. There were three pieces that were my favorite so they had to be shared.

One thing that I loved about getting my tote (other than the fact that getting mail is one of the happiest feelings in the world) is that everything fit. I'm always kind of skeptical of the whole ordering clothes online thing. I always think it's such a gamble, but at Le Tote you enter your measurements into your profile (not just your size--sizes are the worst invention ever. So unreliable! Everything clothes-related should be measurements only in my opinion!). And let me tell you, they know what to send!

So just so we're clear, Le Tote sent me this monthly box out of the goodness of their adorable hearts. I wasn't compensated for this post.


Mademoiselle Michael Blog said...

I loooove your headband. Also those earrings remind me of Art Deco/1920s so me likey.

I miss screenwriting class! Wouldn't it have been awesome if it was two-semester courses, back to back? I still have all my books. :)

And you're totally right re: Hemingway vs trash can launching. It's a gamble. I thought my screenplay was pretty garbage so thank you for being nice haha!!

If you keep re-visiting the screenplay in your mind, it's probably a sign you're meant to just get those ideas/changes on paper, so that they are there and the story and characters can continue. ...And so I can read it. :)

Mademoiselle Michael Blog said...

Ugh, so many grammatical errors in that last comment. Don't judge, need coffee.

Kelsey Lenay said...

Those earrings and that necklace-love! I really like the fur headband, gotta stay warm some how! It is so cute!

Xo, Kelsey

Kelly said...

I love this look, this necklace is so pretty!

xx Kelly
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