Monday, November 17

What We Watch: Netflix and Veggie Tales Live!

This post is part of a year-long partnership with the Netflix #StreamTeam. I received a one year Netflix streaming subscription and an iPad mini for participating. I've been a paying customer of Netflix for 8 years--I'd be lost without her.  Thanks for reading!

So I talked about it a lot in the past, but we haven’t been cable people for a while. Technically, we still have basic cable, but other than a random Kelly & Michael when I have the time (twice a year?) it’s obsolete in this house.
Netflix is our go-to and has been for years…and since it’s something I legitimately use every day or at least multiple times a week, I’ve decided to partner up with Netflix to be a part of the Stream Team because it felt natural and it’s something I like talking about anyway (did you see my last post?).
So onto what we watch. I am a documentary-ivore. I devour them. All types, but mostly health related ones. Here's a little list of what we're watching currently. If you're in need of a "mental health day" (where you don't get out of sweatpants and just sit around binge watching shows and movies all day--let this be your guide).
Amy's Favorites
Documentaries: (from the past year): Blackfish, Bridegroom, Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, and that weird alien conspiracy one for it’s ridiculous/awesomeness. Also GMO OMG (this made me cry 3 times--emotional much?), TINY (I want one!!!!) and Forks Over Knives/Engine 2 Kitchen Rescue (basically I like any health documentary with Dr. Fuhrman in it. He's my celebrity crush. haha!)
Drama: Obviously OITNB, Scandal, Call the Midwife (ah! Even with no medical interest whatsoever you will still love this show) and Parenthood (addicting and you will relate even if you don't have kids)
Classics: North & South. When I read this novel, I wanted it to be a movie. And then I realized it was five years later and I’m so happy I found it. I watched all four “episodes” in one sitting. If you don’t watch them in one sitting and stay up until 3am, you are nuts.
Comedy: Our Idiot Brother (if you need something stupid and hilarious to watch)

Tom’s current favorites

Dexter, The Blacklist (I love this too)

Carter’s current favorites

Veggie Tales anything, Phineas & Ferb, Jake and the Neverland Pirates. 

I find Phineas and Ferb to be hilarious. There has been more than one occasion where Tom and I have watched a couple episodes after Carter has gone to bed. I know, we are so exciting it is mind-boggling.

But back to Veggie Tales; they're starting a Netflix series on Thanksgiving! We are knee-bouncing excited. We took Carter to Veggie Tales Live a couple of weeks ago and it was maybe the most exciting thing to ever happen to him. Veggie Tales to him is like Sesame Street to other preschoolers. He's IN LOVE. I love Veggie Tales too because every little movie is very morals-based and there's always a good lesson to learn (for adults too!)

Here are a couple of photos of our Veggie Tales Live trip. Carter was so involved in the show that he barely moved a muscle. He sat stiff as a board for 2 hours straight. That has never happened before (and very likely will never happen again). We were super lucky and got to sit in the front row (had to splurge for VIP tickets since this was the first time VTL was in New England--at least that we know of!) Worth it. Especially since we got some bubble-maker action too.

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