Monday, August 31


I'm sad it's almost time for school. I'm not a sappy, tear-streaked mess about it being time for school, but I'm also not in the get them out of here! camp either. I'm somewhere meandering in between. I'm ready to be back in a routine again (and if the number of time-outs is directly proportional to how badly one needs a routine), Carter is too.

But don't you always feel like you didn't quite squeeze enough fun into the summer? Maybe it's because we started our summer off on a huge high note (Disney), but now that it's the end, I don't feel like we did all that much. There were playground trips and lots and lots of swimming days; we got to see a lot of family, but we didn't go to the beach even once. ONCE! Nope!

We have a camping trip coming up in a few weeks, so in my mind it's summer vacation until the end of September. Carter's never gone camping. And I think in the decade that Tom and I have been together we've gone precisely once, for two nights. And it involved way too much hiking. I'm looking forward to it because we'll be with family. And I love camping only for the reason that Tom hates it as much as I do and so in its inherent badness it will be good. We'll be on the same page (and Carter, being the exact combination of the two of us, will be, too. I'm too hot, where's the air conditioner? I need to go to the bathroom! I don't want to walk there! I need a fan. You packed the wrong toothpaste. My air mattress is too squishy. The ground is too hard! The bugs are biting me! I'm itchy! I need Claritin!)

So, to document our summer. We found a turtle,

relaxed on the hammock (this was early summer, hence the blanket),

ate A LOT of raspberries,

got to see Carter's shy face plenty of times,

and actually put all the makeup on one day. Hey, typical highlighting/contour photo.  

For 99.9% of the summer I either wore no make-up at all, or I wore Jane Iredale tinted moisturizer, IT cosmetics concealer, bronzer and the greatest mascara of all time.

Also, if your kids are in need of a new show, this is a cute one:

Carter's been into it lately.

I personally have finally just finished season 6 of Parks & Rec, so that's where my free time has gone. I want to get this for my sister: 

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