Monday, August 3

JULY: What We Did

Just in case I ever want to remember what we did in July of 2015:

+ Lots of swimming. Carter's been using a bubble instead of his puddle jumper and he only needs two bubbles now. He can swim a little bit on his own without any bubble at all, but I need to be right next to him. It's exciting to see his progress though. He changes so much just throughout the week!

+Reflected on our Disney Trip. haha I never wrote about it in June, but that's when we went! It was so  much fun. Carter is a ride lover. His favorite rides were:

1. Splash Mountain (I think we went on it 5 times, literally)

2. Thunder Mountain (only took him on it once because I thought he was going to fly out)
3. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train (we were lucky enough to sit in the front row!)
4. Tower of Terror (I know, you think I'm a bad parent. He doesn't mind the dark and he thought the whole beginning part was funny. You know, the old T.V. the "scary" voice, the building. He giggled through the whole thing. The success of this ride is totally personality-dependent though.)

I have pictures of the other rides somewhere, but they're in the abyss of the hundreds of photos of our trip, so this will have to do. Below is my poorly timed shot of Buzz Lightyear trying to give Tom a jump high five.

We saw a green army man lurking in the shadows and got a hug and an autograph without waiting in line. It made Carter's morning at Hollywood Studios.

This face that Carter makes melts me. It's his excited/shy/embarrassed face and we got a lot of these poses--especially with princesses! So bashful, that one.

When we got home, lazy days were on the schedule. Disney is tons of fun, but it takes a lot out of you. All that walking, sun, and excitement.

So we got ourselves some new Netflix favorites.

Carter and Tom have turned early Saturday morning into a ritual of Dragons: Race to the Edge. Carter got a box with Hiccup and Toothless masks, a blow up sword, fleece blanket and all other sorts of cool dragon stuff so he was sucked in immediately.

Tom has always been a fan of How to Train Your Dragon so he's all over the new Saturday routine.

My new show has been Parks & Rec. I know I'm late to this one, but it's fantastic. I'd recommend starting on the second or third season because the first season is a little slow. It was tough to get into at first, but when Tom told me to skip ahead I couldn't stop watching.  I put it on my iPad and balance it precariously on the coffee maker (don't do that) when I do the dishes. To me, dishes are one of the most painful chores so I need a distraction. Folding laundry is another Netflix-necessary chore.

It's one of those shows that leaves you in a better mood after you've watched it. Especially if your kitchen is clean when the episode ends. Clean kitchen always equals happy mood, at least for me.

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Foxy's Domestic Side said...

Disney trip, how fun! I think my son is going to be a roller coaster lover as well. He just hit the height requirement to go on the rides at Disneyland, looking forward to taking him on all of the rides next time.

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