Wednesday, August 8

Make Your Own Dryer Sheets!

For the longest of times I have wanted a truly natural dryer sheet. All I want is a little scent on my clothes without getting all hivey and rashy--is that too much to ask? I've even tried the natural brands, and still--torture.

I came across this tutorial recently and thought I'd share the link. The basic idea is that you take muslin cloth + 2 drops of essential oil and BAM, you have yourself a dryer sheet. 

I'm going to be purchasing some fun fragrances here to play around with.

This is may be the simplest DIY ever. That's how I like things.

P.S. Plus you don't get all those nasty chemicals on your clothes (score).
P.P.S. Are you wondering now what's in your conventional brand dryer sheets? Hint: They aren't vegetarian (even if you aren't a vegetarian, that's gross.)

And since this is technically a baby blog. Here's some baby for ya. Doing what he does best...clapping. He's pretty proud of himself basically all the time.



Mademoiselle Michael Blog said...

I love this!! I am allllll about natural, essential oils. I actually make room sprays with them, but dryer sheets sound AMAZING. I'm OBSESSED with clean smelling laundry.

In college, I lived across from the laundry room, and did MINIMUM 4 loads per week. It's a healthy addiction.

Anonymous said...

You get the awesome mom award. First, because I needed this recipe BAD. second, because you created such an awesome looking kid. Good job mom, good job.

Anonymous said...

ohhhh how i love him! and his sweet little plaid shorts. umm i am googling "what is in dryer sheets" right now. wtf. up next i will be googling "bed bugs" because i just love making myself vomit right before bedtime.

Design Eat Repeat said...

Sayy whaaaa?? Homemade dryer sheets? I'm telling this to my momma'...she will flip shiz. Haha.

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