Monday, August 6

weekend + {gasp} a recipe

Hey guys. Long time no see.

This is you seeing me. Or me seeing you. What??

In the past week my grandma turned 80

We had a super fun family reunion weekend where Carter went swimming again

and I made this delicious dessert for a bridal shower.

Let me just say these were a lot prettier before the whipped cream melted, but just pretend for me, okay?  The one on the left is a mini strawberry shortcake and the one on the right is a chocolate pudding/oreo (technically Joe Joe's from Trader Joe's, duh) combo.

Do you want the recipe for these bad boys? Good.

Here's what you'll need:

+2oz shot glasses (if you're super classy you'll get real ones, I just got the plastic ones from iParty)
+mini classy spoons (they aren't really called this, again from iParty)

the recipe for the strawberry shortcake that I made was:

+strawberries (go figure)
+shortcake (if you're awesome you'll make your own).

I bought the pre-made shortcake biscuits from...YOU GUESSED IT (Trader Joe's) and crumbled them. I dusted the strawberries with some sugar, mixed them up and let them sit in the refrigerator over night. As you can see, I'm not fussy when it comes to recipes. Eyeball it and it comes out better (and faster) than measuring. Promise.

But guys, the chocolate one is pretty complicated so if you're a novice, just skip this one. Ready? Here goes nothing...

+chocolate pudding (any kind)
+oreos/if-you're-like-me-you'll-go-the-natural-route-instead (Joe Joe's, Nature's Path, whatevs)\

1. crumble the oreos/Joe Joe's
2. layer chocolate pudding and crushed cookies

Oh my. That was a mouthful. Hope you can pull it off!

Don't forget to top them with whipped cream. It's what makes them pretty.

Until next time...

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Anonymous said...

hi. i didnt think i could love you any more than i already do. but then you had to go and post the most amazing recipe on the planet and i am offish obsessed with ya. and carter. i want his sun hat.

David P. Hansen said...

Sounds yummy! But it would probably make us more puffy.

his little lady said...

first off, you are absolutely adorable. second, these look delicious!!! i'll definitely have to try these out!!
xo TJ

Mademoiselle Michael Blog said...


Avril blasted from my dorm room freshman year at the University of Fighting Scots of CS Lewis.

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